None of this was ever part of a grand plan – because I didn't have one.

19 years

Student and Political Activist.

Balliol College, Oxford. I didn't last long. A Class of '81 Social Democrat. Went on to Chair London Young Social Democrats.

21 years

An accidental entrepreneur.

Set up my first business while completing my degree. Born out of circumstance, following the unexpected death of my father.

23 years

One To Watch.

Co-founded Jackie Cooper PR. Billed by PR Week as the "seminal consumer brands PR agency of the Nineties and Noughties”.

30 years

Hello boys.

Having written 8/10 women wear the wrong size bra in 1991, went on to launch the legendary Bra Wars and Wonderbra, plus Snapple, Daewoo, O2 and many others.

40 years

Wearing a suit.

Sold JCPR to Edelman. Became UK CEO of merged business two years later. Went digital. Helped transform the world's largest PR firm. Became EMEA CEO is January 2011.
Won lots of industry awards.

44 years

Citizen Renaissance.

Began to re-think what responsible business should really look like. Increasingly concerned at some of the nonsense talked about "trust". Shared public engagement thinking around the world, including a brief moment with Putin.

44 years

The Epiphany

Realised I was part of the problem. Identified five reasons why PR was no longer fit for purpose - the future of business lay with activist CEOs and social movements. Time to quit.

50 years

There is a Better Way.

Wrote Trust Me, PR is Dead. Founded Jericho Chambers. Embraced activism & co-production; accountability & dissent as new operating principles.

Three things I am thinking about right now.

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One of those rare individuals who is able to challenge assumptions and beliefs in such a way that real shifts in thinking take place.

Robert did it with our senior leaders – through well aimed provocation solid research and his own experience – he was able to change the conversation both in the classroom and back in the markets. It is a joy to work with someone who is unafraid to ask the big questions.

Samantha Rockey
(Former) Global head of Leadership Development SABMiller

Get in touch if you want to understand how to communicate, lead, and think about trust in business today. Or want me to present the case from the stage.

It's not complicated but 'more trust' may not actually be the answer.

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