Robert Phillips
17 March 1964 – 13 June 2021

We are sad to announce that Robert Phillips has died of cancer. We love Robert beyond words and the loss that we feel is indescribable. Robert was many things: a Dylanologist, a Man Utd fanatic, a dreamer, and a fighter for a better and more just world.

To us, he was all of this and more.

Short as it was, Robert lived life to the full. We would love to hear your stories, anecdotes, tales of wonder/defiance, and anything else you have to say about him. We’ve set up an inbox to share your stories at

With love,
Venetia, Gabriel, Gideon and Team Jericho

I spent a quarter of a century at the top of the global PR industry and ran some of the most iconic campaigns of recent times. I built and fed the machine. But then I quit as European CEO of the world's largest Public Relations firm.

I no longer believed in what I was doing.

My Journey

As featured in
Holmes Report
’Essential reading for everyone who wants to influence and persuade.’

Part atonement. Part rallying cry for a radical alternative.

It was time to call bullshit on the bullshit industry of spin.

I altered names and identifying details where necessary—so I could share first-hand experiences of how public trust works and what it takes to build trustworthiness and confidence in business in the 21st century.

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Although names are visibly redacted throughout the book, the brutal honesty of their exchanges are not. He vividly articulates how profoundly the challenge of transparency undermines corporate control.
Margaret Heffernan
Businesswoman and TED speaker From her Huffington Post book review

I work with global brands to help them re-think how to communicate and stay relevant in a 21st century world of networks and activism.

Clients have included:

’So, who do
we fuck today?’ ––

This is the question with which one global CEO opened every board meeting. It's a story I tell in the book. As one friend said succinctly; 'If you want to be more trusted as a leader, try not to do bad things.'

There is a better way.

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If the search for more trust is meaningless and PR is dead, what comes next?*

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